World Today

Flashing colors, bright lights, roaring beats welcome us to yet another new year. While each year passes by, I realize that keen, poignant agonies pull me down, exposing the vagaries of a very shallow adult life. When I talk of adult life, I am reminded of words which echo from within:

“I want to describe that world beyond the window,

Even though I know it cannot be described but only revealed”.

Yes, adulthood invariably exposes me to a state of utter vitriol. Goodness and conscience are some crazy words found probably in Grandma’s dictionary. A world, where every individual seems to be an island; where every soul acts in a surreptitious way.

Where even social work is something to be highlighted in your CV. Probably there is no act which you cannot in cash.

The fact is we do not recognize ordinary people. We easily subjugate simplicity and become interpreters of modern world where all practicality suggests us to be shallow and street smart.

In this decade, therefore, let us plant seeds of pure, unadulterated goodness. Our lives be a concoction of all attributes which make us human.

I would like to sum it all with

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