Soldier in the village

Not much is known nor not many people are aware of the modus operandi of trafficking but it lies low and the system itself is surreptitious and of a global nature especially the victims being from poor families and locations very remote to the centre of value gained from the catch.It is prevalent here and you see and heae moans of young girls missing from near the houses,temples,village fairs and all crowded places of commerce and entertainment where each one is glued to their activities while the operatives prowl under a façade.

This village in the littoral state with a vast fishing community has visitors all the year around and for the locals a source of additional money with their wares and stuff to entice the beach goers.

Normally these vendors from the village move with the family and their little ones unaware of the dangers lurking around.

This lady was a maid in the daytime in the near town house and doubles up as a support to her husband selling eateries on the beach.

She on one day whilst on the evening job loses track of her tiny daughter ‘s movements and goes about in search of a customer for her wares.Soon realizes her child missing from her view.

It was in fact a well planned  and executed  handiwork of a criminal gang on that day to lift their catch en masse..

Not a single individula’s eye could catch the happenings on the beach at the same time simultaneously .So thought the gang.

Sea guauds  are on their diligent duty pacing up and down the beach but always looking into the sea for any ripples of emergency.

This guard stationed on the high pedestal for a perspective view for a change looked at the vista of the sands and the crowds.This eagle eyed fellow could see the silent moves of  the gang and their suspicious movements and their objectives and in a matter of minutes engages all the staff to apprehend and capture the culprits.It was a rescue act that stands out till date in the annals of trafficking.

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