Unauthorised construction and a complete colony that is unauthorized. We cannot fathom when we hear or read the matter.When we actually see it we have no comments to make.There is supply of power.There is electricity.There is business activity.There is also a flow of vehicular traffic

And the ones residing in it have basic facilities to travel like roads, lighting, bus stops etc and still the locality goes as an unauthorised one.What is it in the eyes of law.Is it a compulsion to encourage this slip shod development or is there pressure from the business lobby to grant them the favour to have a workforce that serves their purpose.

Who has provided the lines for transmission of power.Who is accounting for it.Is there collection of charges for this service that is provided. Is it documented.If it is yes then there is no doubt in authorising this colony pronto.

But beneath this whole process there is a lobby that has thrived in the construction business by the way they manipulate the powers to reach their intended goals.After a decade of its existence and when their purpose is served they have the land in their kitty for a grand development that can hose the rich and mighty, This is a short term plan which includes the poor and jettisoned  for their forward movement.


New railway stations and airports were built with a view to expand the cities and the focus of activity shifts and the commerce revolves around spaces.Delhi had grown today by leaps and bounds bit it has at the same time gone out of bounds to control.Space development and management can never be privatized in a city like Delhi.In fact the state should decide what is good for the citizen and the city because there is

No corporate body that can wield the power to control the system.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with BlogAdda.com.

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